The Journal Ladies, LLC

Journals & Bookmarks from Up-Cycled Vintage Books

The Journals

Our collection of  journals are crafted from salvaged vintage books...books that are ultimately labeled for destruction.  Such a waste!  Each journal invokes a feeling of nostalgia and beauty.  No two journals are the same.  The intention of this endeavor is to produce a journal for individual creations (prose or art) worthy of preserving in a uniquely personal format. 

Approximately 70 pages of acid-free paper are included in each journal along with a few of the book's original pages to capture its character and distinction.
All our journals are unique.  All original inscriptions, notes, inserts and drawings have been untouched.  When possible, we have also done our best to include all the book's original illustrations. 

These lovely books now have unlimited possibilities in their new format ... possibilities as far-reaching as the book's history itself. 

The Bookmarks

Our unique bookmarks are crafted from the books' spines; laminated and tasseled.  Whenever possible, your journal will include its matching bookmark...with our compliments.

Special Orders

We also encourage our customers to feel free to request a journal be crafted from their own personal book.  Simply contact us for mailing and payment instructions.   Our goal is simple, give these beautiful vintage books a second lease on life in a new and personalized format. 

We take pride in the fact that all our journals are created from start to finish by us.   Each journal is its own project, never seen as a mass production item.   We value quality over volume. 

THE JOURNAL LADIES  is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.